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So yeah, okay... [25 Oct 2007|04:12pm]
[ mood | morose ]


"Hey, it's Angelina."

"Oh, um... not today. We just have some things going on. We're moving Eric today..."


"I'll keep your number in my phone, okay?"

"Yeah. Okay."

"Okay, bye."


So I'm thinking I should be looking for another job. Definitly. Fucking sucks. And I still want that car.

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"I'll see you in dreamland." [24 Oct 2007|08:24pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

In this book, Dreamland it's called, our protagonist, Caitlin, her boyfriend hits her.

How fitting.

I keep thinking that I should have some sort of profound reaction to this. But I don't, really. I'm wondering what she's going to do, though.

I suppose I'll get back to reading.

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A New Beginning? [19 Jul 2007|10:18am]
[ mood | artsy-fartsy ]

So I created a new lj. I was tired of my old username, and all the drama that had built up on my old journal, from so long ago. It's nice to have a clean slate, isn't it?

I also made a new lj so that I could join cheerycraft. I think this community is an excellent idea. What could be more fulfilling than helping cheer up someone who's been down in the dumps lately? World Peace, maybe, but let's leave that to the beauty pagents.

Anyway, I also made a banner for the community, to show my support, and so they could use it for promoting ^_^ Check it out:

So what do you think? Horrible, okay, good even? Hopefully. So anyway, go help cheer someone up, and join!

On to more personal business. Yipee, tomorrow I get to go the newest HP book release party with my loverly husband, Derek, and Coedee, the coolest cousin evar xD. I've been anticipating this book for quite a while now. Too bad we aren't going to the border's release party, because they give out free wands xD...

Okay, enough HP dorkiness. Today I'm tired and cranky, because... I didn't sleep well? I never sleep well. I'm all groggy (I like that word), and I want to do something crafty with candle wax. o_o;

I've got some ideas in mind already :P

Until next time~ *poofs out*

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